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Peter Vijay Kumar, head coach at Indiranagar Club takes us through the process of basic tennis development for a tennis kid.

  1. Know his strength: Important to know the natural strength and weakness of the kid. All kids have unique body functions so important to work on it accordingly.

2. Different models: There are originally two models in modern tennis

  • The US model where the points are short and revolves around big serves and heavy ground strokes
  • The Spanish model revolving around consistently hitting deep returns and grinding the opponent

3. Indian problem: Coaching focuses mostly on tennis and hitting the balls given by the coaches and feeders.This leads to  Indian             players going ahead lacking proper movement, balance and stamina

Much more than just hitting tennis balls – A measured approach required:

  • Step 1: Progressive routine for hitting on the court


  • Ball hitting patterns:
  • Tennis drills:

12-14 years – jumps, sprints, lunges, swimming

15 years onwards–  increase of anaerobic exercises and mental conditioning.

  • Feedback: After end of the training every day, the coach needs to sit with him and give the player feedbacks. Eg on a scale of 10 how much has he scored on a shot. Where has he improved and where he can still improve.


  • Recovery : Tennis players are prone to injuries so it is important to recover quickly. Thus having a good fitness instructor and a sports doctor is always handy.
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